Citronix CIJ printers offer a simple, reliable way to code your products – whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or another substrate type – with one to five lines of text, graphics and bar codes, printing in high quality at very high speeds.


Citronix offers one of the longest manufacturer's warranties in the industry (local warranties may vary).

ci Safefill

ciSAFEFILL optimises performance by automatically checking that the correct fluid type is use and is within its use by date.

Smart Flush

Smartflush ensures high uptime and high quality print on start up by automatically cleaning the print head during shutdown.

ci easyserv

All fluid filters are located in one self-enclosed module, replaceable in less than 30 seconds with no mess and no fuss.

ci precisionplus

Fully optimises print speed and print quality settings, with smooth step control for accurate drop placement.


Switch from Normal (60 micron) to Macro (75macron) droplet sizes at the touch of a button. no nozzle changing is required.

ci link

Available in our ci5500 and ci5650 printers, ciLink enables remote control of your printer through a VNC connection.

technology features

Packed with features and designed to cover a wide range of applications, Citronix CIJ printers are built to deliver in the four areas that matter most. They are Simple, Reliable, Capable and Excellent Value.

Intuituve Touch Screen GUI

The high-resoluion 10.1" capacitive touch screen offers a wide viewing angle and features an intuitive GUI with WYSIWYG message creation.

Superior Print Quality

Citronix ciSeries printers offer superior print quality, from alphanumeric characters in multiple languages to graphics and logos, barcodes, 2D Data Matrix and QR codes.

Compact and Robust

With IP55 and IP65 models available, Citronix printers are made to withstand demanding industrial environments.

High-speed Printing

Citronix ciSeries printers offer high-speed printing up to 9.8m/s. Even faster speeds are possible with our Micro (10.3m/s) and HS50 (10.6m/s) variants.

Advanced Print capabilities

Print bold, upper and lower case characters with variable height and width, with support for reverse, inverted and rotated character (tower) printing and sequential numbering.


Citronix offers one of the longest manufacturer's warranties in the industry (local warranties may vary).

Multiple Languages

The intuitive touch screen GUI supports multiple operator languages, with a range of character sets readily accessible.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured for industrial level robustness, Citronix printers are made in the USA and trusted worldwide.

Single-board Design

The low parts count and single-board design make for simple and cost effective servicing.

Simple to diagnose and Repair

Our printers are designed from the ground up to be simple to diagnose and repair, meaning low servicing costs and no need to replace expensive modules.

Safe Shutdown

A single start/stop button initiates our Safe Stop controlled shutdown process, ensuring reliable start-up every time.

Maximum Uptime

Depending on the printer, ink and environment, the Citronix service module works up to 18 months/ 8,000 hours.

Toughened Glass

Easy to clean and solvent-proof, the highly responsive touch screen is fully protected by toughened glass that resists scratches and impact damage.

IP65 Connectors

IP65-rated connectors come as standard for ethernet, USB, photocells, digitial IO, encoders and alarm beacons.

Online Help

Our printers are supported by an extensive online help system. Simply scan the on-screen QR code with a smartphone to view the relevant troubleshooting information.


All ciSeries printers feature direct-to-board Ethernet and RS232 networking ports for sending commands and receiving data.    

USD Port as Standard

On-printer USB port makes it quick and easy to load the latest firmware, and to backup and restore vital settings.

SD Card as Satndard

On-printer SD Card and port makes it quick and easy to load the latest firmware, and to backup and restore vital settings.

No Spill Fluids Refill

Thanks to our easy, error-proof fluids refill system, replenishing necessary fluids is incredibly quick, with no mess and no need to open the printer.

Comprehensive Range

We offer a comprehensive range of printers to cater for all printing requirements and a fluids range for practically every application.

Global Support

Citronix printers are supported globally through a network of factory authorized and trained distributors.

Feature Rich

With a range of additional features and unique technologies, plus an extended warranty, Citronix printers represent excellent value for money.

No Waste

Thanks to our ciEasyServ self-enclosed service module and no-spill refill system, there's no waste and no partially filled hazardous bottles to dispose of.


Technician free filter changes can be performed quickly and easily using the service module.


Automatic fluid compatibility checks ensures your printer maintains peak performance day in and day out.